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Real Log Homes log cabin kits.

Abel model log cabin kit.Custom log cabin kit.Payton model log cabin kit.Custom log cabin kit at night.Bond model log cabin kit.Bond model log cabin kit - entry.Bond model log cabin kit - wall detail.Abel model log cabin kit - master bedroom.

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About Real Log Homes:

Real Log Homes is one of the most experienced Log Home Suppliers -- founded in 1963, they have manufactured more than 23,000 log homes. Real Log Homes is known for higher quality, but slightly more expansive home packages. Logs sold by Real Log Homes are treated with TIM-BOR wood preservative immersion and designed for on-site natural seasoning (vs. Kiln-dried materials) to improve local performance and fit. Home packages are sold through local representatives.

Cabin Kits - General Information:
  • Approximate number of models / plans:
  • 39 standard plans / Hundreds of custom plans
  • General price range of kits:
  • $60,000 to $520,000 +
  • General Size of models / plans:
  • 800 - 7600 sq. ft.
  • Price Range per square foot:
  • $60 - $90+
Packages - What's Generally Included:
  1. Pre-cut, graded TIM-BOR treated structural Logs with PVC Lockspline, OlyLog fasteners and spikes
  2. Pre-cut, graded TIM-BOR treated roof rafter Logs with glu-laminated ridge beam
  3. Logs have pre-cut corners, butt joints, window and door openings and roof pitch gables
  4. Logs are numbered and lettered for assembly
  5. Anderson Low-E Windows and Therma-Tru doors unique to plan
  6. Pre-cut heavy timber floor joists
  7. Package options available for: Log styles, Wood species, Roof rafters, Floor joists, Windows, etc.
  8. Standard building materials and components not included ( local supplier )