Barna Log Homes

Barna Log Homes log cabin kits.

Adams model log cabin kit.Adams model side view.Grant model log cabin kit.Grant 2 model log cabin kit.Gatlinburg model log home kit.Barna homes deck.Showshoe model interior view.Showshoe model dining room view.

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About Barna Log Homes:

Founded by Jim Barna, Barna Log Homes has been providing hand crafted high-qualty log homes for nearly three generations. Barna is known for quality and innovation. Jim Barna pioneered the trend of tongue and groove walls and saddlenotch corner joining of logs.

Barna is also environmentally responsible and in 1999 formed The Barna Foundation - a non-profit organization committed to education and reforestation. Log home and cabin kits include graded, kiln-dried, pre-cut, pre-notched and predrilled wall logs, and pre-manufactured window and door jambs.

Cabin Kits - General Information:
  • Approximate number of models / plans:
  • 94 Log Home/Cabins / 19 Adventure Series Cabins
  • General price range of kits:
  • Inquire
  • General Size of models / plans:
  • 336 - 4860 sq. ft.
  • Price Range per square foot:
  • Inquire
Packages - What's Generally Included:
  1. Pre-cut, pre-drilled, graded, kiln-dried fully engineered wall logs and gables available in multiple profiles and species
  2. Pre-cut, profiled corner notches with lag bolts, adhesives and double gaskets
  3. Borate preservative including with all packages
  4. Solid exposed-beam ceilings with multiple timber profiles
  5. Complete materials package including; sub-floor, porch(es), deck(s), insulation, trim, and more
  6. Lifetime log warranty and onsite log installation assistance